Welcome to Sky Haus

My name is Tom and I'm here to help make your stay at Sky Haus as convenient and fun as possible. Below are a list of frequently asked questions including the wi-fi password, how to contact us, directions, and more. If there is a question that isn't answered below, please contact us by text/phone call (949-903-6255).



Check to confirm your Airbnb reservation reflects the correct amount of guests. If you have more than 2 guests, there is a charge of $20 per night/person. You can update your guest count yourself on Airbnb. Undisclosed guests and pets will be charged double. This cabin has a strict maximum guest count of 4. If you have more than four guests, contact us immediately, Or, search for a cabin with higher capacity. Thanks!

Pets are welcome, please Venmo (@seatowntom) or Paypal (tyehaus@gmail.com) the $50 pet fee and notify us via Airbnb so there's record of your payment. Please keep pets off beds/furniture unless you bring your own throw blankets. Rules aside, it’s an awesome dog neighborhood, we promise. There’s very little traffic in the neighborhood and dog walks accompany river access and cabins to admire along the way.

Please follow the check-in and check-out procedures below:


12202 762nd Ave NE

The entrance to our private cabin community, Timber Lane Village is located between mile marker 50 and 51 off of HWY 2. Look for the Timberlane Village entrance and turn in. Take a right once you pass the main entrance. We are down the road on the right side. Look for 3 A frame cabins in a row, Sky Haus is the one on the left. 


The combination to the key lock box is 6789. The key box is mounted to the left of the front door, you can't miss it.


  • The wi-fi network is Frontier5775 and the password is Y73DTQGX2JKL842R

  • To use the fireplace, just use the thermostat in the kitchen (to the left of the microwave). Set the temperature and the fireplace will automatically go on/off to keep that temperature.. Please don’t attempt to adjust any other controls. If it doesn’t come on right away, contact Tom at 949-903-6255. Thanks!

  • Hot Tub: Please keep the lid closed when not using and leave the temperature set to 104 for the next guests.

  • If you need to take out the garbage please place it in the labeled garbage cans outside. Make sure you tie your garbage tightly and put the lid on tight so you don't attract bears.

  • There is a small BOSE stereo system with device hookup (headphone jack) use the Bose remote to swtich to AUX.

  • Bring firewood if you plan to use the fire pit. There are a ton of places on the way to pick up a bundle (The closest place to the cabin is Sky Gas in Skykomish, 1 mile away). Might not be a bad idea to pick up some fire starters as well.

  • There is a small charcoal grill and grill tools. A lot of times there are coals here from previous guests. If not, just pick some up down at Sky Gas 1 mile away. Grills are seasonal, we usually bring them up in May/June.

  • Fresh towels & linens will be all set for you.

  • Take shorter showers and wait approximately twenty minutes between each shower. The hot water tank isn’t very large.

  • In the shower, the handle direction for hot water is to the left, rather than the right, as you might expect. Also, finding the comfortable temperature between hot and cold is a narrow margin, so ensure your temperature is comfortable before you step in.

  • The kitchen is fully stocked, just bring food!

  • There is always plenty of TP and paper towels on hand. So no worries there.

  • The stove cooks HOT. If a recipe calls for a certain temperature, consider dialing the temperature back about 50 degrees and monitor. Also, the front left burner is not operable.

  • In back of the outdoor shed there is an open covered storage area. You may want to use this for short-term storage if you have outdoor items. There is a lightswitch behind you at head level as you step in.

  • The switch to the outdoor deck light is to the far left when standing on the deck facing the cabin.

  • We like to maintain a shoes off policy in the house.

  • SAFETY: Be careful on the loft stairs! Please don't let kids play on the stairs or leave them unattended in the loft area. The stairs are steep, please walk up and down the stairs forward-facing, like a ladder.


  • If you plan to go hiking make sure you pick up a Discover Pass and/or Northwest Forest Pass. Both can be purchased down the road at either Sky Gas or Sky Deli. More Information

  • BURN BANS - Make sure you check! Here is a link to the Ranger Station about 1 mile from the cabin. Or, call them at (360) 677-2414. I hear it from the community homeowners association if other residents see my guests burning.


  • If there is snow or a chance of snow, your guests must park only in DESIGNATED AREAS ALONG THE ROADWAY because of the snowplow (there are roadside signs indicating snow parking). If you park in a non-designated area, your vehicle could get blasted by snowplow snow, blocked in and/or towed. There is a strict parking policy in the community. We get charged $50 per vehicle that's parked alongside the cabin which we will pass on to you. Our driveway can hold about 2-4 vehicles, anything more than this needs to park in a designated area to avoid us getting in trouble with the homeowners association.


  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please check out by 11am

  • Turn off all heaters and turn the fireplace thermostat down to 60

  • Please wash all of your dishes and put them away

  • If you used the grill, please give it a quick brushing

  • Place all garbage in the large garbage cans outside

  • Put any toys, DVD's, records or board games back in their cases/boxes, etc. and stored back where you found them

  • Lock up and lock the key back up in the lock box

  • Text me at 949-903-6255 once you've checked out! Thank you!!